Sister Kay McNaught

Adviser, Medical Tourism and International Patient Care, Passage Asia


Sister Kay McNaught is a well-sought after Destination Medical Tourism Professional Facilitator and International Patient Care Advisor in Malaysia. She is UK trained nurse with experience in mental and psychiatric nursing and with additional qualification in Cardio-Thoracic Nursing at St. Georges Hospital in London. (1974)

Her involvement in Medical Tourism started in early 1979 when she was employed as Sister/Nursing Supervisor at The Wellington Hospital in London. She was the hospital VIP Patient Care Manager looking after patients arriving from the Middle Eastern Countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Jordan) and in critical medical cases she often escorted patient back to the country of origin, ensuring continuous medical care and comfort during the long flight.

In 2010 Sister Kay started the first Medical Tourism Facilitator service in Malaysia promoting surgical and non surgical procedures from selected medical providers (Surgeons, doctors and Medical facilities) to international travellers. By utilising various social media platforms and actively promoting the high standard of healthcare, Sister Kay has been successful in influencing potential medical tourists to make Malaysia their chosen destination. Past patients (Australian, British and American) had enjoyable medical journey with her patient care management and they have made her their contact for referral and for their return visit for more procedures.

Currently Sister Kay McNaught is the Medical Tourism and International Patient Care Advisor at Passage Asia. As a healthcare facilitator in the Oceania region, Passage Asia will establish networks with MHTC’s member hospitals, organise engaging activities such as webinars, health talks and continuous medical education sessions, as well as spearhead joint marketing efforts across Australia and New Zealand.

Specialisation: • Cosmetic Surgery • Bariatric Surgery • Stem Cell Therapy/Regenerative Medicine • IVF Fertility Treatment • Wellness & Aesthetic Treatment

QUALIFICATION & MEMBERSHIP: • General Nursing Council for England and Wales – Reg. No: 0475316 (1974) • Cardio – Thoracic Nursing (St Georges Hospital UK) • Federation of Malaya Nursing Board – Reg. No: 8839 (1974) • British Airways Certificates in Fares and Ticketing (UK) • Association of British Travel Agents Certification (ABTA) • International Air Transport Association Certification (IATA) • Pakar Industri Negara (PIN) Sector: MP10-00- Medical & Pharmaceutical sub-sector: 10-0-Cosmetology.