Tabasomm Mohammad Kazim

First year student in international relations in Russian University of People 's friendship (Afghanistan)


TABASOMM MOHAMMAD KAZIM is a 1st year student of international education at the Russian People’s Friendship University.

She’s from Afghanistan. She came to Moscow with her family 5 years ago and started learning Russian on her own.

In 2020, she worked as a translator in the project of the Polytechnic Museum (clouds of different sizes and colors) for children with migration experience. She was also a volunteer in many events of this project. She very active and communicate a lot with people who have left their homeland, including people from her homeland of Afghanistan.

In October 2021 participated in the Third Eurasian Women ‘s Forum in St. Petersburg. The theme of the forum is “Women: a global mission in a new reality”. The forum is organized by the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the Assembly of the Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The forum gathered more than 2.5 thousand participants. Among them: women parliamentarians, representatives of executive authorities, international organizations, global corporations, business circles, the scientific community, public organizations and charitable projects, authoritative figures of the international women’s movement.

I am actively involved in the university. I am studying perfectly well. since 2021, he has been a member of the Scientific Student Society (NSO) “Internationalist” of the Department of TIMO and the professional student Society “Orientalist” (PSO), where he actively participates in events held by the department: an interuniversity round table on the topic “The Persian Gulf region in international active participation in the social activities of the faculty and the University. and regional processes”, an excursion to the Moscow Cathedral Mosque and, within the framework of the NGO, a meeting on the topic: “Tools of “soft power” in the East” made a speech on the topic “soft power in the OEA”.

1) 2021 – career guidance seminar “how to become a successful foreign language teacher”
2) 2021 – The Living Library: women with migration experience with the help of the Polytechnic Museum
(organizer and participant)
3) 2021 – premiere of the cartoon “incidents in the city” created by children and adolescents with migration
experience (participant and volunteer)
4) 2021 – The Third Eurasian Women’s Forum in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg (participant)
5) 2021 – big ethnographic dictation (participant)
6) 2021 – Afghanistan Exhibition for Asian Countries Weeks (participant and organizer)
7) 2021 – The quest of the first-year students of the FGSN (participant)

8) 2021 – regular online seminar “Migration Studies” of the HSE (participant)
9) 2021 – International Model of the CSTO 2021 as a delegation of Afghanistan (participant)
10) 2021 – All-Russian Ecological Dictation (participant)
11) 2021 – seminar “the way to myself” for refugee women from Afghanistan (organizer and participant)
12) Online lecture by Shakirov O.I. on the topic “current events in the field of international security in the
UN” (participant)
13) 2022 – The model of the Russian Foreign Ministry in MGIMO.
Currently she writing an article (Unicef work in the field of Education in Afghanistan). She often organize cultural evenings of countries, especially the evening of the culture of Afghanistan that many could see the other side of Afghanistan.
She dream that one day we could all live in a world without war and girls from Afghanistan received education freely like others.