Wong Kin Lun

Chief Executive Officer Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa (YSS) / Student Volunteers Foundation


Wong Kin Lun Mr. Wong Kin Lun, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of YSS Malaysia, owned by the Government of Malaysia through the Ministry of National Unity, reflects a strategic decision to leverage his wealth of experience and dedication to youth and volunteerism. His academic background in Information Technology coupled with his multifaceted leadership skills positions him as an effective leader in spearheading various initiatives in youth development, volunteerism, and community engagement.

One of Kin Lun’s notable achievements is his leadership in Malaysia’s inaugural ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme and CIMB Young ASEAN Leader initiatives. These efforts underscore his commitment to regional cooperation and social impact, showcasing his ability to mobilize resources and foster collaboration across borders. Under his stewardship at YSS since 2012, Kin Lun has overseen multiple student volunteer missions across Southeast Asia, demonstrating his commitment to empowering youth and fostering cross-cultural understanding. His extensive network and proven credibility have enabled him to advocate for sustainable development on regional and international platforms, contributing to initiatives such as the ASEAN Work Plan on Youth and Malaysia’s National Situation Analysis on Volunteerism.

Kin Lun’s unwavering dedication to empowering youth and fostering meaningful community engagement underscores his leadership ethos. His consultative roles to work with esteemed institutions like the ASEAN Secretariat and United Nations agencies for International Development highlight his influence in shaping policies and programs that promote youth development and volunteerism. In addition to Wong Kin Lun’s remarkable leadership, YSS Malaysia has further solidified its presence on the international stage by participating in significant events such as the International Volunteer Cooperation Organizations (IVCO) conference in 2023 and has been involved with the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE). These engagements signify YSS’s commitment to fostering global partnerships and sharing best practices in volunteerism and youth development.

YSS actively engages in national initiatives like “Resilient Poor Advancement”, collaborating closely with the Prime Minister’s office. YSS also played a pivotal role in COVID-19 vaccination efforts, contributing a significant portion of the volunteer workforce. Initiatives like “Tuisyen Percuma” provided free tuition during school closures, demonstrating YSS’s commitment to education and supporting vulnerable communities. Additionally, YSS promotes unity through sports events like “Festival Arena Uniti”, highlighting teamwork and inclusivity, fostering community resilience and social cohesion.

Overall, YSS Malaysia, under Wong Kin Lun’s leadership, continues to demonstrate its commitment to creating positive social impact through innovative initiatives, strategic partnerships, and proactive engagement in both national and international endeavors.