YB Dato’ Indera Mohd Shahar bin Abdullah

Former Deputy Minister of Finance / Chair, Parliamentary Select Committee for Finance & Economy


Background Information
A son of FELDA Scheme frontier who was born and raised in Sg. Panching Selatan FELDA Residence, Kuantan Pahang. He is 43 years old, the sixth among his 10 siblings and he has had gained quality education up to tertiary level locally and abroad.
A young, charismatic, highly educated and inspiring leader who is concerned about current issues and well-being of his local communities. He is also an icon among youths, and is close to heart with the communities in his constituency Paya Besar.

• Member of Dewan Rakyat Selection Committee ( Finance and Economy) (2023-present)
• Member of ASEAN Inter Parliament Council (AIPA) (2023-present)
• Deputy Commissioner of Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia (2022-present)
• Head of UMNO Paya Besar Division (2023- present)
• Chief of Information UMNO Malaysia Youth Movement (2018-2022)
• Head of UMNO Youth Movement Paya Besar Division (2014-2022)
• Head of Pahang UMNO Youth Movement (2014-2018)
• Member of Board of Directors of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) (2020-2022)
• Member of Board of Directors of Pahang Foundation (2019-2020)
• Member of Board of Directors of Kuala Lumpur University (2016-2018)

• Master of Electronic Engineering and Telecommunication, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (CGPA 3.95)
• Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Electronic), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
➢ First Recepient of Vice Chancellor Award (Leadership) UTM
• Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Electronic), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

• Member of Parliment for Paya Besar constituency 2022- present
• Deputy Finance Minister I 2021-2022
• Deputy Finance Minister II 2020-2021
• Member of Parliment for Paya Besar constituency 2018-2022
• Private Secretary to Deputy Education Minister (The late YB Datuk Razali Ismail)
• Special Officer to Secretary of Parliment, Ministry of Higher Education
(YB Datuk Dr. Adham Baba) 2004-2008

International Involvement
• Representing Parliament of Malaysia to ‘CPA Fundamentals Programme on Parliamentary and Global Networking’ at University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
• Representing Parliament of Malaysia to ‘Muslim Young Leader Program’, Australia
• Representing Malaysia to ‘Maximizing Islamic Finance for Financial Inclusion’ at World Bank Group Forum
• Representing Malaysia to ‘Annual Meetings Islamic Development Bank Group (ISDB)’ in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
• Representing Malaysia to ‘Asian Development Bank (ADB) 55th Annual Meetings 2022’ in Manila, Philippines